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Stories From Rukhmabai Edition 1

Holding space as a lesbian trans woman in STEM

By Aisiri Amin​

Dr Mani recalls how her early days in academia, where she faced exclusion and daily microaggressions on account of her trans identity, shaped her research style.

“If you are the only woman in the room, so what?”

By Damayanti Datta

Technologist, inventor, innovator, entrepreneur, Geetha Manjunath, harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to detect lurking disorders—from breast cancer to COVID-19.

Calling out gender bias in STEM

By Aisiri Amin

From very early on, Dr Vaishnavi Ananthanarayanan became aware of the passive yet glaring ways in which women in academia were being held back. So she co-founded BiasWatchIndia to bring in some accountability.

Addressing Gender Disparities in

By Aisiri Amin

A lowdown on the implicit and explicit biases that follow women from school to the lab, its impact on the individual and the community and some solutions that need to be actioned to make science a safe space.

She walks into the wild to tend to the beasts

By Varsha Singh

To get to the tigers, elephants and leopards, Dr Aditi Sharma, senior veterinarian and wildlife health specialist at the Rajaji Tiger Reserve, had to first traverse the unforgiving world of men.

“For me, it’s all been about the love of science.”

By Damayanti Datta

Scientist and entrepreneur, Jugnu Jain, has set up one of the most ambitious projects of 21st century biomedical sciences in India – biobanking – that promises a new paradigm in our war on dreaded diseases

Sticks and stones may break my bones but...

By Shuchita Jha

‘Lady geologist’ Debjani Raychaudhuri never allowed the harsh realities of field work to deter her from exploring and mapping the most remote corners of the country.

The good fight: Battling prejudices and parasites

By Rina Mukerji

Overcoming patriarchy and entrenched gender roles, Dr Dipika Sur has carved a niche for herself in medical research, heading several critical epidemiological studies on diseases afflicting countries like India.

Amidst the conflict, a conservationist bats for biodiversity

By Hirra Azmat

Mehreen Khaleel believes in the importance of educating children on nature conservation as she tackles hurdles posed by lack of funds and conceptualises women’s role in furthering the cause

Rural women create niche brand in LED lighting

By Varsha Singh

Kamalpreet Kaur’s entrepreneurial venture in rural Uttarakhand is training housewives to become electrical engineers.


The journey of ‘Stork Sister’: Pioneering a community-conservation movement

By Priyanka Shankar

Dr Purnima Devi Barman grew up around the dull grey-feathered Greater Adjutant Stork, a ‘bad omen’ bird with a rather ill-favoured look. But slowly she taught her community to accept and conserve the endangered species.

The scientist revolutionising paddy cultivation in Kashmir

By Safeena Wani

Combining her expertise in paddy varieties and her background in incorporating weather forecasts in cultivation, agricultural scientist Dr Raihana Kanth is bringing about real change in how agriculture is practised in the Valley.

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